Asking Questions


I love asking questions.

Questions are the gates to thinking. Everything starts with a question. There’s nothing you can’t question. No thing, no aspect, no perspective you can’t learn at least a little bit more from.

Even your own thoughts. Don’t take what you think to yourself as the truth.

“I have to do X.”

Do I really? Or am I just trying to convince myself to believe in a reality that makes things easier for me—not necessarily better?

Likewise I love love being asked a question that makes me think. The surprise of it makes it all the more exciting.

I love the feeling of asking a question I never asked. It’s as if you’ve lifted a veil. Uncovering something that was in plain sight all your life, but you have never really paid attention to it… until now!

Even something as simple as a pen. How does it work? If it’s ink, being liquid shouldn’t it move around inside the pen? Why isn’t it always leaking and only gets released when you apply pressure at the end? Maybe you know the answer to that, maybe you don’t, maybe you don’t even care.

Perhaps it’s not life-changing. (Perhaps it is.) But I love asking questions. They’re the entrance points in my quests for understanding—for learning, for growing.

I only start to understand things after I’ve asked myself a question.

I encourage you to try it. Ask yourself questions more often. Regardless of how obvious or ridicule they may seem to you.

Asking good questions is a skill. One we can all—and I think should all—learn.

Reflection leads to a richer life.

Don’t you think?