Things I've done

I called this page Projects but actually this is more a list of mini projects that I've made.

This website is itself one of those :) Made with simple HTML and CSS.

Animated plot - Portugal COVID-19 Daily New Cases

I've been amazed by awesome data visualizations before, and so I thought I should try it out to see what I could do. This was my first time creating one.

Here's an animated plot of Portugal's COVID-19 daily new cases. If you run the script from this repository, it'll fetch the most recent data from Our World in Data and create the animation.

Below is the result (with data of 12/03/2022)

Model visualization - Forest-fire Model

While reading The Model Thinker I encountared a few models that I wanted to try animating. So here's one.

In the Forest-fire Model at each period a cell is chosen. If it's empty there's a probability p that the space will be filled with a tree, and if there's already a tree there there's a probability 1-p it'll burn. If it burns then in the next period all trees in neighbour cells also burn.

The example below is for 3000 periods and p = 0.95. Here's the code in case you want to try different sizes of the "field" and different probabilities.