Beware Of Boxes


I love putting things into boxes. And… I also hate it.

Putting things into boxes helps us understand the world. It’s how we organize and label, things, our thoughts, everything. Consciously or not.

And that’s great! As long as we don’t forget that boxes aren’t real. That the world doesn’t have those very rigid lines. No matter how much we want them to be there.

After an initial phase, seeing the boxes does more harm than good if you can’t see past them. If you can’t also see the world in its entire continuum. No lines, no boxes. Just everything.

Always consider whether there are more options than the ones you can see. We’re quick to see things as black and white. Quick to put things into boxes that though helpful in some ways are incredibly destructive in others. Blinding us to the unrestricted reality of the world.

Boxes are made by us. Use them, but never forget. They aren’t really there.