Love Not Like


Often times we choose to do something that is somewhat pleasant only because we can. Not aware of—or ignoring—the fact that choosing to do so means relinquishing some of our finite time from doing the things that we love. The ones that fuel us, that propel us forward, that truly make us happy.

Perhaps the seemingly harmless choice of doing something that we just like should be reconsidered. Specially if it’s not just once or twice. If it happens regularly, silently compounding.

As it’s something we find pleasant, even if just slightly, we see no harm in it. We don’t even consider doing it as being negative in some way.

And since we find some measure of pleasure in it, cutting it off isn’t easy. Because we like doing it. And will miss not doing.

It’s hard to cut off things you enjoy. But not doing it isn’t the same as not deciding.

It’s scary to feel you’ll miss out on those things. But you’ll miss out on something anyway.

Keeping on doing anything that is remotely pleasant is just deceiving yourself. Because your time is finite. There’s only so much you can do in, a day, a month—a lifetime.

Why not be clear to yourself on what matters the most to you. What are your priorities?

Are you willing to make the effort to do what most brings you happiness? This is up to you.

I’m not saying that it’s easy. But you try. And slowly, the balance shifts—to more time on things you love. You start catching yourself choosing the like but not love. And you shift. You persist.

Changing yourself.