Learning Is The Process Of Overcoming Obstacles


When trying to learn something, we often get mad with ourselves because we take longer than what we think we should. That happens, because somewhere along the way, we get stuck.

But being stuck is not a problem in learning—it’s not even a nuisance. It is an essential part of learning.

Your goal is to try and understand things. Eventually you will get stuck. Those are the exciting moments. Because it’s by overcoming those walls that you improve.

It doesn’t matter how much time you spend trying to overcome them. Every second spent, if spent intentionally—with the aim of understanding or becoming able to do X—it’s time spent learning.

Learning isn’t done just on those moments when things click together—the “Aha” moments. Those are merely more tangible moments than the rest. Learning is the whole process.

The getting stuck, the trying to get unstuck, and then the incredibly rapid moment in which you overcome the wall.

That last moment however, lives only by standing in the shoulders of the much longer—perhaps even more valuable—process of becoming unstuck.

Learning is then the process of facing and overcoming obstacles.