Seeing Past The Visible Progress


It’s easy to get unmotivated when we don’t see progress. But progress isn’t always visible. And even when it is, it doesn’t necessarily correspond to what’s really happening, how we’re really growing, improving or evolving.

We want to see steady linear progress but things don’t usually work like that. The work we put in doesn’t get transferred as a fixed percentage to a visible progress bar to reach the next level. The work we put in gets accumulated, just not as we expect it to.

We need to keep on putting the effort and eventually there will be something to show for. But we can’t seek to see a constant progression.

It’s best to ignore that and just focus on being consistent, and to be deliberate in our actions. And being deliberate, as opposed to acting in an automated way, means paying attention to what we do, and how we do it. Because by doing so we can reflect on it and try to gain an understanding on how we can do it better.

Sometimes it is true that we’re not getting anywhere, but that gets fixed by paying attention to what we’re doing, and that is achieved by being deliberate. Even if we feel we’re not getting anywhere as long as we keep on reflecting and then tweaking what we do, we’ll get there.

We just need to see beyond what’s visible and persevere.