Go For A Walk


We often get so caught up in our routines that we get trapped by it.

Whenever I feel that that’s the case I try to go for a walk. No destination, no pace to follow.

An hour would be plenty. 30 minutes if you’re really, really tight on time—which you probably aren’t, and if you are and it truly is impossible for you to find a single free hour amidst an entire week, are you really in control of your own time?

Just having the time—and attention—will allow you to notice things that you ordinarily wouldn’t. Seeing people go about their lives, looking at the sky, the trees, whatever it is you want to focus on.

After a while, when you’re really out of your autopilot mode, your mind may start to empty, and after that you’ll start to think.

Is what you’re doing with your time what you want to do? Or is it what you “should”? Or perhaps what you’ve resigned to do?

If it is what you want, then that’s great!

But if it isn’t, then now—when you’re momentarily away from the everyday schedule—is the time to change. Because if you don’t, you’ll just plunge deep into your routine once more. Seeing and doing nothing but what you always see and do.

How do you want to spend your days?

Entertain the thought: if you weren’t doing it, then what would you want to do instead? Why then—if that’s what you truly want—aren’t you doing that?

So, please, go for a walk every now and then. Escape your routine even if only for a moment, and give yourself time to think.

Don’t let time get past you. Don’t let life get past you.