Why I Write


A little over two years ago I begun the daily habit of writing for myself.

I started simply because I was curious to see what would happen. Now however, it’s my go-to tool for whenever I want to think by myself.

To think more carefully on a problem, to digest a particular event that happened that day, or to reflect on a particular aspect of my life—for example whether I should change something, and if so how.

I write to clear my head.

I quickly overwhelm myself thinking about too many things at once—most of them of little or no importance. So I jot down my thoughts, analyzing them one by one. Putting each in clear terms so that I can move on.

I do it to empty my mind, that way I can completely center my focus on the task at hand.

I write to reflect.

It’s also my way of not just recording my thoughts, but of thinking. That is, I think through the act of writing.

If I’m not writing I’m much more likely to go in circles. Going over some particular thoughts over and over without really moving forward. By writing, I’m recording my thoughts, and doing it releases me from the need to hold tight to them just in case they slip through my mind and I forget about them.

I often write down thoughts that arise from reading, and by doing so I dig a little deeper into the book—I take more value from it.

So, take this as a friendly reminder to try and write as a way to think better and more (because there is a difference between casual and deliberate thinking).