One Thing At A Time


Whatever it is you have planned to do, nothing will make your plans move forward as effectively (and as further) as focus. Letting go of the noise in your mind, and immersing yourself in the task that you’re engaged with right now, is then the ideal course of action.

Something that I often do to handle the noise is to write all loose thoughts I’m having. Going over each one until I’ve clarified to myself that they either don’t deserve my attention, or have already been “taken care” of—by having previously input them in my system.

I trust my reminders and calendar (the system) to work for me in “remembering” the really important things. I use them, precisely, so that I don’t have to.

Focusing is about more than just getting things done. For me, it’s also about enjoying the moment—doing whatever it is—without having anything weighing on my mind.

So, acknowledge that whatever it is that you’re busying yourself thinking about, isn’t important. Or that if it is, the thought will inevitably pop up again later.

When you actually manage to clear the noise, it really is a great feeling. To simply do one thing and not worry about anything else.

Then onto the next one.

One thing at a time.