The Goal Is Not To Finish


I often find myself rushing to finish something that I’m doing, for no particular reason.

Actually if I stop to reflect a bit, I do know the reason. I do it just to finish it. Just to reach the end.

As if finishing it would reward me in anyway.

Here are some examples I can think of in which I catch myself doing it:

However that’s not right.

The goal is not to finish it. But to go through the process. The process itself is what we enjoy experiencing, and not the act of finishing it.

On the learning scenario, it’s the process that teaches us. It’s by facing the roadblocks along the way that we learn. So once you reach an obstacle—because you will—do not start fretting about the extra time you’re spending to finish it.

The process of overcoming the obstacle is what makes you grow. So, do not worry, and instead appreciate the chance to evolve!

“Journey before destination” — The Way of Kings